Human-Machine Collaboration


We conceive and develop concepts and algorithms of Human-centred Artificial Intelligence (HAI) that create external perception layers for collaborative machines in various industrial real-world situations. We propose HAI-driven collaboration mechanisms that are based on methods and concepts of machine learning and pattern recogni- tion on signals recorded from the human body. We are interested in enabling human-machine partnerships in which the machine can understand and anticipate the human gestures and actions and react accordingly by taking into consideration the human factors. Our scientific hypotheses are validated through a number of tests and experiments conducted on Human-Robot Collaboration, computer-mediated sensori-motor human learning and Digital Musical Instruments.


Permanent staff:

  • Sotiris Manitsaris: Researcher, Deputy Director of the Centre for Robotics,
  • Alina Glushkova: Researcher,

PhD students:

  • Brenda Olivas Padilla  (2019-) : Wearable sensing and movement modeling for the monitoring of operators in manufacturing.

Former PhD students:

  • Edgar Hemery. Modeling, recognition of finger gestures and upper-body movements for musical interaction design. 2013-2017, in collaboration with Fabien Moutarde.
  • Florent Taralle. Cifre Sagem. Gestural control for mobile robots. 2013-2016, in collaboration with Alexis Paljic.
  • Eva Coupeté. Recognition of gestures and actions for human-robot collaboration in assembly lines. 2012-2016, in collaboration with Fabien Moutarde.


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ONGOING EU projects

  • Collaborate – H2020
  • Mingei – H2020
  • Digitraining – Creative Europe