Industrial Engineering


The Industrial Engineering team is focused on the opportunities brought by digitalization in the industry and the impacts on the current practices in operations management and supply chain management.

The main topics of the research team are:

  • Data science
  • Operations Research
  • Decision Support Systems

The team develops its expertise in several domains:

  • City Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Transportation



Permanent staff

Arthur Gaudron, Associate Professor

- Sarra JLASSI (2018)


- "Multi-agent Simulation for Urban Logistics" Nassim Hemdane (started in 2023)
- “Méthodologie du modèle ouvert pour la conception d’un système d’aide à la décision stratégique : le cas de la logistique urbaine” Arthur Gaudron (defended in 2019)
-  “Proposal of an evaluation grid for analysing local public urban freight policies : strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for French cities” Raphaelle Ducret (defended in 2014)


- Ravel Bassil (2021)
- Mathieu Glorion (2020)
- Lola Péladan (2020)
- Pierre Brault des Grouets (2020)
- Guillaume Karklins-Marchay (2020)
- Salma BENSLIMANE (2019)
- Augustin Lombard (2018)
- Apollinaire BARME (2018)


Interactive Simulation To Explore Urban Distribution Schemes
Arthur Gaudron, Simon Tamayo, Arnaud de La Fortelle
21st EURO Working Group on Transportation Meeting, 2018


Simulation applied to urban logistics: a state of the art
Sarra Jlassi, Simon Tamayo, Arthur Gaudron
10th International Conference on City Logistics, 2017


Loading/unloading spaces location and evaluation: an approach through real data
S Tamayo, A Gaudron, A de La Fortelle
10th International Conference on City Logistics, 2017


Simulating impacts of regulatory policies on urban freight: application to the catering setting
Sarra Jlassi, Simon Tamayo, Arthur Gaudron, Arnaud de La Fortelle
6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport, 2017

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